What is organic food & why you should buy it?

Organic food is the food derived from plants and animals that have been grown and raised in accordance with strict guidelines set forth by the government, such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). To be certified as organic food, the food must be grown without the use of harmful manufactured fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, additives that control the growth of the produce.

Organic farmers or growers are more about quality than quantity while on the other hand, non-organic produce growers will use synthetic pesticides, and other harmful herbicides to expand the number of food they grow. They care more about quantity over quality. This is one of the very many reasons why organic foods cost more compared to non-organic foods.  Here is the deal-if you eat non-organic food, you’ll end up paying more in the long run with healthcare costs but if you decide to purchase organic foods, you’re making a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. In addition, you will also help your body and Eco-system if you go with an organic lifestyle.

You have to understand the environmental concerns and the use of food additives and using pesticides on non-organic foods. Some people like the taste of organic foods. According to Alice Waters, owner of the famous Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, California noted that “the best tasting food is organically grown”. Eating organic means you support the promotion of an ethical way to treat animals.

Key points to remember:

  • Organic foods are nutritious and safe to consume.
  • Organic means how the farm produced the food, not the product itself.
  • According to the Organic Food Association, “organic food is actually good food.” It is good for small scale farmers that cultivate it and healthy for our environment.
  • It promotes health and wellness.

 Although, organic food is more expensive, but it is healthier, safer and may contain more vitamins and minerals. Overall, you are actually saving money if you go with organic food. Be sure to look for where the product was made. Some food stores allow organic products from overseas with less stringent policies dictating what is classified as certified organic.

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